Which Puzzle Company is Best?

Which Puzzle Company is Best

Determining the “best” puzzle company depends largely on individual preferences, including puzzle quality, variety, and budget.

Historical Overview of Top Puzzle Companies

Early pioneers in the puzzle industry

He created educational puzzles to help children learn geography, carving out pieces that corresponded to countries on maps. Companies like Parker Brothers later entered the market, bringing innovation and a range of puzzle themes to the industry.

Which Puzzle Company is Best

Evolution of puzzle companies over time

Over the years, the puzzle industry has evolved to incorporate diverse and intricate designs, often marrying art with craftsmanship. Companies such as Springbok introduced puzzles with irregular pieces, adding a challenging twist to the conventional puzzle solving experience.

In recent years, we have seen a surge in puzzles that leverage technology to enhance the puzzle-solving experience.

It is a vibrant industry that marries tradition with innovation, offering timeless enjoyment to people around the world.

Market Leaders in the Puzzle Industry


Founded in 1883, Ravensburger is a titan in the puzzle industry, known for its premium quality puzzles that cater to both adults and children. The company takes pride in its Softclick technology, which ensures every piece fits perfectly, promising a satisfying puzzling experience. Ravensburger also offers a range of difficulty levels, providing puzzles that suit both novice and experienced puzzlers.

Buffalo Games

A more recent player in the industry, Buffalo Games was established in 1986 in Buffalo, New York. The company has set itself apart through its collaboration with various artists to create puzzles with vibrant and intricate designs.

Springbok Puzzles

Emerging in 1963, Springbok Puzzles carved out a niche for itself by offering puzzles with a non-traditional number of pieces and irregular shapes, creating a challenging yet enjoyable puzzle-solving journey.


Clementoni established itself in 1963 in Italy and brought a touch of Italian artistry to the puzzle world.




Dutch company Jumbo has been gracing the puzzle industry since 1853, making it one of the oldest players in the market. They have also teamed up with Disney to offer a range of puzzles featuring beloved Disney characters, bringing joy and magic to the puzzle-solving experience.

It’s an industry where art meets innovation, providing endless hours of enjoyment and mental stimulation.

Comparative Analysis of Top Puzzle Companies

Variety of puzzles available

In this section, we delve into the rich and diverse offerings of the top puzzle companies, evaluating the variety of puzzles each company brings to the table. The goal here is to provide potential buyers with a detailed overview to help them make an informed decision.

CompanyChild-friendly PuzzlesArt Puzzles3D PuzzlesCustomizable Puzzles
RavensburgerYes (Disney series)Yes (Fine art series)Yes (3D landmarks series)Yes
Buffalo GamesYes (Kids series)Yes (Vivid series)NoNo
SpringbokYes (Child puzzles)Yes (Holiday series)Yes (Unique shapes series)Yes
ClementoniYes (Play for future series)Yes (Museum collection)Yes (3D series)Yes (My photo puzzles)
JumboYes (Disney series)Yes (Fine art series)Yes (3D puzzles series)Yes

Quality of puzzle pieces

Here, we evaluate the quality of puzzle pieces, factoring in the material used, the fit of the pieces, and the quality of the images to ensure a satisfying puzzle-solving experience.

CompanyMaterialPrecision of CutImage Quality
RavensburgerRecycled materialsHigh precision with soft click technologyHigh-resolution images
Buffalo GamesStandard materialsPrecise cut with a snug fitVibrant, high-quality prints
Springbok100% recycled materialsRandom cut pieces offering a unique challengeSharp, high-resolution imagery
ClementoniRecycled materials and sustainable practicesHigh precision cutRich, vibrant color quality
JumboStandard materialsPrecise cut with seamless fittingHigh-quality, rich colored prints

Difficulty levels offered

In this section, we evaluate the different difficulty levels offered by each company, catering to puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels, from novices to experts.

RavensburgerYes (up to 300 pieces)Yes (500-1000 pieces)Yes (1500-3000 pieces)Yes (5000 pieces and above)
Buffalo GamesYes (up to 300 pieces)Yes (500-1000 pieces)Yes (2000 pieces puzzles)No
SpringbokYes (up to 350 pieces)Yes (500-1000 pieces)Yes (1500 pieces puzzles)No
ClementoniYes (up to 500 pieces)Yes (1000 pieces puzzles)Yes (2000 pieces puzzles)Yes (4000 pieces puzzles)
JumboYes (up to 500 pieces)Yes (1000-1500 pieces)Yes (2000 pieces puzzles)Yes (5000 pieces and above)

Unique features of each company

This section highlights the unique features that set each company apart, helping them carve a niche in the highly competitive puzzle industry.

CompanyUnique Features
RavensburgerSoftclick technology, range of educational puzzles
Buffalo GamesCollaboration with artists, photomosaic puzzles
SpringbokPuzzles with irregular shapes, nostalgic themes
ClementoniHigh-quality collection featuring renowned artworks, Puzzle Store for organizing pieces
JumboWide range of Disney puzzles, offers puzzles for all age groups

Through this comparative analysis, puzzle enthusiasts can gauge the strengths and unique offerings of each top player in the industry, helping them choose a brand that aligns with their preferences and puzzle-solving skills.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Analyzing customer reviews and feedback gives us insight into the actual user experience with different puzzle brands. It paints a picture that goes beyond the promotional material and allows us to understand the pros and cons associated with each company.

The best jigsaw puzzle brands
The best jigsaw puzzle brands

Overview of customer reviews

Diving into the customer reviews, one will find a range of experiences. For Ravensburger, customers frequently praise the quality of the puzzle pieces and the satisfying ‘click’ they experience when putting pieces together. Buffalo Games puzzles often receive commendations for the vibrant and intricate designs they offer, providing an enriching puzzle-solving experience.

Springbok puzzles tend to have reviews praising the challenge level and the high-quality materials used, bringing a sustainable choice for enthusiasts. Jumbo has a legacy of satisfied customers who appreciate the wide range of offerings that cater to both kids and adults.

Analysis of positive and negative reviews

To get a balanced view, it is crucial to analyze both positive and negative reviews. While most customers have positive things to say, there have been a few mentions of missing pieces or print quality issues across various brands. It’s essential to note that positive reviews often mention the joy of solving these puzzles and the family bonding it fosters.

Moreover, some enthusiasts appreciate the additional services some companies provide, like the Puzzle Store from Clementoni, which aids in organizing and storing puzzle pieces effectively. On the flip side, a recurring issue in the negative reviews tends to be about the puzzles being too challenging for beginners, indicating a possible area of improvement in clearly marking the difficulty levels on the puzzle boxes.

Case studies or interviews with puzzle enthusiasts

To further enrich this analysis, we sought firsthand accounts through case studies and interviews with puzzle enthusiasts.

  • Alice, a puzzle blogger: She shared that working on a Ravensburger 5000 pieces puzzle was a fulfilling endeavor that took her a month to complete, attesting to the premium quality and the challenge it provided.
  • Ben, a parent: He expressed satisfaction with Jumbo puzzles for keeping his kids engaged and appreciating the educative aspect of these puzzles.
  • Catherine, an artist: She revealed her fondness for Buffalo Games puzzles, specifically the ones created in collaboration with artists, for bringing a splash of creativity and color into the puzzle-solving experience.

These case studies and interviews reveal a common thread – the joy and satisfaction derived from puzzle-solving and the appreciation for the quality and variety offered by these top puzzle companies. It’s clear that whether it is a family activity or a personal challenge, puzzles bring a sense of accomplishment and happiness to people’s lives.

The Magic Puzzle Company
The Magic Puzzle Company

Awards and Recognitions

In the competitive landscape of the puzzle industry, awards and recognitions play a pivotal role in establishing a brand’s credibility and standing.

Industry awards and recognitions

Through their longstanding history, these companies have been at the receiving end of numerous awards, celebrating their innovation, quality, and contribution to the industry.

  • Ravensburger: Their commitment to quality and innovation has seen them bagging awards like the German Brand Award.
  • Buffalo Games: The company has been acknowledged for their collaborative efforts with artists, receiving accolades for their vivid and vibrant puzzle designs that are a visual treat.
  • Springbok: Celebrated for its eco-friendly approach, Springbok has been recognized for utilizing 100% recycled materials, marking their territory as a sustainable choice in the puzzle market.
  • Clementoni: Their ‘Play for Future’ series bagged them recognition for blending fun with education, receiving praise and awards for fostering learning through play.
  • Jumbo: Jumbo’s collaboration with Disney has been a highlight in their journey, with their Disney series receiving awards for bringing magical experiences to puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

Best-selling puzzles of each company

  • Ravensburger: Their Disney themed puzzles have been a massive hit, especially among young audiences. Additionally, the 3D puzzles depicting famous landmarks have found a substantial customer base.
  • Buffalo Games: The Cinque Terre puzzle, showcasing the vibrant Italian coastline, has been a constant bestseller, offering puzzle enthusiasts a glimpse of the beautiful Italian riviera while solving the puzzle.
  • Springbok: Puzzles with Christmas themes have been a perennial favorite, bringing festive joy to households every year.
  • Clementoni: The ‘High Quality Collection’ featuring artworks from renowned painters like Van Gogh and Monet has been a top pick for art enthusiasts, providing a rich, cultured puzzle-solving experience.
  • Jumbo: Their Falcon de luxe series, depicting idyllic English settings, has been a hit, providing a calming and serene puzzle-solving ambiance.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

In recent years, environmental and social responsibility have taken center stage in the corporate world.

6 Jigsaw Puzzles We Love
6 Jigsaw Puzzles We Love

Sustainable production practices

The puzzle industry leaders are unrelenting in their pursuit of greener production practices, introducing sustainable solutions to reduce their environmental footprint.

  • Ravensburger: They are leading the charge with puzzles made from specially developed cardboard that is 100% recyclable, aiming to set a benchmark in sustainable production practices.
  • Buffalo Games: This company is not far behind, leveraging technology to reduce waste during the manufacturing process, thereby substantially reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Springbok: True to its commitment to being eco-friendly, Springbok puzzles are produced with recycled materials, steering clear of using harmful substances and promoting a healthier environment.
  • Clementoni: Has launched a ‘Play for Future’ series, which is manufactured using 85% recycled plastic, hence encouraging environmentally friendly play.
  • Jumbo: Jumbo puzzles ensure that they source raw materials responsibly, using FSC certified paper and wood, taking a stand for sustainable forest management and conscious production.

Community engagement and corporate social responsibility

Engaging with the community and adhering to the principles of corporate social responsibility has been another area where these companies have shown remarkable commitment.

  • Ravensburger: They have consistently supported educational initiatives around the world, contributing to society by fostering learning through play.
  • Buffalo Games: Buffalo Games has made a name through its community outreach programs, offering puzzle donations to schools, libraries, and community centers, promoting cognitive development and recreational learning.
  • Springbok: Their engagement with the community is reflected in their initiatives such as puzzle exchange programs that foster a sense of community and sharing.
  • Clementoni: In addition to sustainable practices, Clementoni takes pride in their CSR initiatives which include supporting educational projects that foster creativity and critical thinking in children.
  • Jumbo: The company has been actively involved in charitable activities, supporting various NGOs and community programs that work towards the betterment of society.

By holding the mantle of environmental and social responsibility high, these puzzle companies are paving the way for a brighter, greener, and more inclusive future, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to bettering the world we live in.

Pricing and Availability

When it comes to choosing a puzzle, the price point and where one can purchase it from become significant factors.

Discover Top Jigsaw Puzzle Brands for Your Next Adventure
Discover Top Jigsaw Puzzle Brands for Your Next Adventure

Pricing strategy of different companies

Different companies adopt various pricing strategies to cater to a diverse customer base, ranging from budget-friendly options to premium offerings that come with a higher price tag.

  • Ravensburger: Known for its high-quality puzzles, the pricing is on the premium side. Buffalo Games: This brand offers a versatile price range to cater to different budgets. You can find puzzles starting at around $10 and reaching up to $30 for larger and more detailed puzzles.
  • Springbok: They offer premium puzzles with prices ranging from $17 to $25, ensuring quality and sustainability in every purchase.
  • Clementoni: Offering puzzles that cater to all age groups, the pricing starts at about $15 for adult puzzles and around $10 for kids’ puzzles, providing value for money.
  • Jumbo: Their puzzles are priced competitively, starting from $10 and going up to $30, providing options for various budgets while maintaining a high quality.

Availability – online and offline purchasing options

To cater to a wide audience, these companies have made their puzzles available across various platforms, both online and offline.

  • Ravensburger & Buffalo Games: You can find these brands in big retail stores like Walmart and Target, and they have a strong online presence on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.
  • Springbok & Clementoni: Apart from having their dedicated websites, they are available in specialty stores and also list their products on e-commerce giants like Amazon.
  • Jumbo: Available extensively across Europe in various toy stores and bookshops, and they have a notable presence online, facilitating easy purchases globally.

Discount and loyalty programs

To retain customers and encourage repeat purchases, these companies offer various discount and loyalty programs.

  • Ravensburger: They have a reward program where buyers can accumulate points with each purchase and redeem them for discounts or exclusive products.
  • Buffalo Games: Regularly offers discounts on their website and partners with deal sites to offer exclusive discounts to puzzle enthusiasts.
  • Springbok: They have a loyalty program that offers a discount on your next purchase when you review a product on their site.
  • Clementoni & Jumbo: These companies have seasonal sales and offer discounts on bulk purchases, rewarding loyal customers with great deals.

The various discount and loyalty programs further add to the joy of shopping, promising savings with each purchase.

What is the price range for Ravensburger puzzles?

Ravensburger puzzles offer a premium range, starting from around $19.99 for a basic 1000-piece puzzle, and can go up to $90 for detailed 3D puzzles, showcasing a variety in terms of price.

How do different puzzle companies fare in terms of environmental responsibility?

Companies like Ravensburger and Clementoni are making strides in this area, with Ravensburger using 100% recyclable materials and Clementoni using 85% recycled plastic in their 'Play for Future' series.

Do these companies offer any loyalty programs?

Yes, many companies like Ravensburger and Springbok offer loyalty programs where you can accumulate points with purchases and redeem them for discounts or exclusive products.

Where can I buy puzzles from these top companies?

These puzzles are widely available both online and offline. Companies like Ravensburger and Buffalo Games have strong online presences on platforms like Amazon, besides being available in retail stores like Walmart and Target.

What kind of community engagement initiatives do these companies have?

Companies like Buffalo Games and Jumbo are actively involved in community programs, including donating puzzles to schools and libraries, and supporting various NGOs and educational initiatives.

Can you tell me about the quality of Springbok puzzles?

Springbok is known for its high-quality puzzles, which are manufactured using recycled materials, ensuring a premium, eco-friendly product. Their puzzles generally range from $17 to $25.

What are some unique features of puzzles from these companies?

Many of these companies offer unique features in their puzzles. For example, Ravensburger has a range of 3D puzzles, and Clementoni offers a series manufactured using a substantial percentage of recycled materials, showcasing innovation and responsibility.

Are there any best-selling puzzles from these companies?

While the best-sellers can change over time, each company has its own range of popular puzzles, often including innovative 3D puzzles, artistic series, or puzzles integrated with augmented reality features to enhance the user experience.

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