Top 11 largest electric scooter manufacturers in the world

List of the 11 largest electric scooter manufacturers in the world:
  • Xiaomi
  • Segway-Ninebot
  • iSinwheel
  • Razor
  • Bird
  • Lime
  • GoTrax
  • Boosted
  • Yadea
  • NIU Technologies
  • Pure Electric

Top 11 largest electric scooter manufacturers in the world

  • Website: Xiaomi Global
  • Location: Headquarters in Beijing, China
  • Company Type: Multinational Electronics Corporation
  • Founded: 2010
  • Key Products: Smartphones, Consumer Electronics, Electric Scooters
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Xiaomi M365
  • Market Reach: Global Presence with a Strong Market in Asia, Europe, and North America

Xiaomi, a leading technology company based in Beijing, is widely acclaimed for its diverse range of consumer electronics, including highly popular electric scooters like the Xiaomi M365. Known for their affordability and smart design, Xiaomi’s electric scooters have become a staple in urban mobility across various global markets.

  • Website: Segway-Ninebot
  • Location: Headquarters in Beijing, China
  • Company Type: Global Leader in Personal Transportation Vehicles
  • Founded: Segway Inc. in 1999 and Ninebot in 2012; merged in 2015
  • Key Products: Electric Scooters, Self-Balancing Scooters, Electric Bikes
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Ninebot ES4
  • Market Reach: Wide Global Distribution, with Strong Markets in North America, Europe, and Asia

Segway-Ninebot, merging the expertise of Segway Inc. and Ninebot, has established itself as an innovator in personal transportation. The company, headquartered in Beijing, offers a range of electric scooters and self-balancing vehicles, with the Ninebot ES4 being a notable model known for its advanced technology and ease of use.

  • Website: iSinwheel
  • Location: Primarily an online-based company with distribution centers in various countries
  • Company Type: Emerging Electric Scooter and Personal Mobility Brand
  • Founded:2008
  • Key Products: Electric Scooters, Accessories for Scooters
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: iSinwheel i9
  • Market Reach: Expanding global online presence, with a focus on Europe and North America

iSinwheel, an emerging name in the electric scooter market, specializes in providing a variety of personal electric transportation products. While the company operates primarily online, it has gained recognition for its i9 electric scooter, which combines performance with convenience, catering especially to the European and North American markets.

  • Website: Razor
  • Location: Headquarters in Cerritos, California, USA
  • Company Type: American Multinational Manufacturer of Personal Transporters
  • Founded: 2000
  • Key Products: Kick Scooters, Electric Scooters, Electric Ride-Ons
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Razor E100
  • Market Reach: Strong Presence in the United States, Expanding Internationally

Razor, headquartered in Cerritos, California, is a renowned name in the personal transport industry, especially popular for its electric scooters like the Razor E100. Initially famous for kick scooters, Razor has successfully expanded its offerings to include a range of electric ride-ons, appealing to a broad consumer base.


  • Website: Bird
  • Location: Headquarters in Santa Monica, California, USA
  • Company Type: Electric Scooter Sharing Service and Manufacturer
  • Founded: 2017
  • Key Products: Electric Scooter Sharing Services, Electric Scooters
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Bird One
  • Market Reach: Operates in over 100 cities, globally recognized in the scooter sharing market

Bird, based in Santa Monica, California, initially started as an electric scooter sharing service and has since ventured into manufacturing its own electric scooters. With the Bird One as one of its prominent models, the company has significantly influenced urban micro-mobility across numerous cities worldwide.

  • Website: Lime
  • Location: Headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA
  • Company Type: Electric Scooter and Bike Sharing Company
  • Founded: 2017
  • Key Products: Electric Scooter and Bike Sharing Services, Custom-Designed Electric Scooters
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Lime-S
  • Market Reach: Extensive global reach, operating in several countries across continents

Lime, a San Francisco-based company, mirrors Bird’s trajectory, starting as a scooter sharing service and expanding into developing its own hardware. Lime’s electric scooters, particularly the Lime-S model, are a common sight in many cities, contributing to the company’s expansive global presence and influence in the electric scooter sharing market.

  • Website: GoTrax
  • Location: Based in Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Company Type: Electric Scooters and Personal Electric Transportation Manufacturer
  • Founded: Date not widely publicized
  • Key Products: Electric Scooters, Electric Hoverboards
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: GoTrax GXL V2
  • Market Reach: Primarily focused on the US market, known for affordability

GoTrax, based in Dallas, Texas, has made a name for itself in the electric scooter industry by offering a range of budget-friendly options. The GoTrax GXL V2, in particular, stands out for its blend of affordability and functionality, making it a popular choice in the U.S. market for those seeking reliable, cost-effective personal transportation.

  • Website: Boosted Boards
  • Location: Originally based in Mountain View, California, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer of Electric Skateboards and Scooters
  • Founded: 2012
  • Key Products: Electric Skateboards, Electric Scooters
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Boosted Rev
  • Market Reach: Had a strong presence in the USA and internationally in the personal electric transportation market

Boosted, originally renowned for its high-performance electric skateboards, expanded its expertise to electric scooters. The Boosted Rev, known for its robust build and impressive power, reflects the company’s commitment to quality and performance in personal electric transport. Despite Boosted’s recent operational challenges, its products continue to be celebrated for their innovation and design excellence.

  • Website: Yadea
  • Location: Headquarters in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
  • Company Type: Manufacturer of Electric Two-Wheelers
  • Founded: 2001
  • Key Products: Electric Scooters, Electric Bicycles, Electric Motorcycles
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Yadea G5
  • Market Reach: Strong presence in China with expanding global reach in Asia, Europe, and other regions

Yadea, a leading name in the electric two-wheeler segment in China, is rapidly expanding its global footprint. Known for models like the Yadea G5, the company combines cutting-edge technology with stylish design, catering to a growing demand for eco-friendly and efficient urban mobility solutions across Asia, Europe, and other regions.

NIU Technologies
  • Website: NIU Technologies
  • Location: Headquarters in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • Company Type: Smart Urban Mobility Solutions Provider
  • Founded: 2014
  • Key Products: Smart Electric Scooters, Electric Bicycles
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: NIU N-Series
  • Market Reach: Global operations with a strong presence in China, expanding in Europe, Asia, and North America

NIU Technologies, with headquarters in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, specializes in smart urban mobility solutions. Their electric scooters, notably the NIU N-Series, are distinguished by their sleek design and smart features, catering to an urban demographic that values both style and functionality in sustainable transportation.

Pure Electric
  • Website: Pure Electric
  • Location: Headquarters in Bath, United Kingdom
  • Company Type: Electric Mobility Retailer and Manufacturer
  • Founded: 2018
  • Key Products: Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes
  • Popular Electric Scooter Model: Pure Air Pro
  • Market Reach: Primarily focused on the UK market with plans for European expansion

Pure Electric, hailing from Bath, United Kingdom, is a relatively new but dynamic player in the electric scooter market. The company’s focus on innovation and sustainability is evident in products like the Pure Air Pro, which are designed to meet the evolving needs of urban commuters in the UK and beyond. With a strong focus on expanding into European markets, Pure Electric is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of electric mobility.

Pure Electric

How to find a reliable electric scooter manufacturer?

Assessing Electric Scooter Manufacturers

When looking for a reliable electric scooter manufacturer, thorough research and evaluation are crucial to making an informed decision. This process involves examining various factors such as the manufacturer’s reputation, product quality, customer service, and after-sales support.

Evaluating Manufacturer’s Reputation

Research the Manufacturer’s History: Delve into the company’s background, focusing on their years of experience in the electric scooter industry. A long-standing presence often indicates a deep understanding of the market and customer needs.

Check Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Customer feedback provides invaluable insights into the real-world performance and reliability of the scooters. Look for reviews on independent platforms and consider both positive and negative comments.

Examine Industry Certifications and Awards: Certifications like ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and awards from reputable organizations can indicate a manufacturer’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Analyzing Product Quality

Inspect Scooter Specifications and Features: Pay attention to details like motor power, which greatly affects the scooter’s performance. For instance, a motor with 250 watts might offer adequate power for flat terrains, while 500 watts or more could be necessary for hilly areas.

Understand Battery Life and Range: Battery capacity, often measured in ampere-hours (Ah), directly impacts the scooter’s range. A 10Ah battery might offer around 20-30 miles of range, depending on various factors like weight load and terrain.

Evaluate the Build Quality: The durability of materials used, such as high-grade aluminum or reinforced carbon fiber, contributes to the scooter’s longevity and safety.

Considering Customer Service and After-Sales Support

Inquire About Warranty Policies: A comprehensive warranty, covering at least 12 months, reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Look for Responsive Customer Support: Reliable manufacturers provide prompt and helpful customer service, addressing queries and resolving issues efficiently.

Factoring in Cost and Value

Compare Prices and Features: Balance the scooter’s cost against its features and performance. A higher price might be justified by advanced features like GPS tracking or superior build quality.

Consider Long-Term Value: Evaluate the scooter’s lifespan and maintenance requirements. A cheaper model might incur higher long-term costs due to frequent repairs or shorter lifespan.

China comparative Analysis with International Brands

Comparing electric scooters from Chinese manufacturers with their international counterparts provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of this market. This analysis focuses on key aspects like quality, performance, and features.

Comparing Chinese Electric Scooters with International Competitors

AspectChinese Electric ScootersInternational Electric Scooters
QualityOften offers reasonable quality at a more affordable price. Materials used may vary, but recent trends show an improvement in build quality.Typically known for high-end build quality, using premium materials which might result in a higher cost.
Performance (Motor Power)Motor power can range from 250 watts to over 500 watts. Suitable for both urban commuting and more challenging terrains.Motor power is often similar, but some international brands specialize in high-performance models exceeding 1000 watts.
Battery Life and RangeThe average range is between 20-30 miles per charge, with batteries usually around 10Ah.Comparable or slightly better, with some models offering advanced battery technology for extended range.
FeaturesAdvanced features like GPS tracking or Bluetooth connectivity are becoming more common. Focus is on integrating smart technology.Often includes cutting-edge technology, customizable settings, and additional safety features.
CostGenerally more cost-effective, offering a good balance between price and performance.Higher price points, reflecting the premium quality and advanced features.
Market PresenceGrowing global presence, with increasing export to international markets.Well-established in global markets, often synonymous with high standards in electric scooter manufacturing.

Key Differences in Quality, Performance, and Features

Quality Differences: Chinese electric scooters are rapidly catching up in terms of quality. The use of robust materials like aluminum and improvements in manufacturing processes have enhanced their durability and reliability. However, international brands still hold an edge in premium build quality and finishing.

Performance Variances: When it comes to motor power, Chinese scooters are versatile, catering to both light urban commuting and moderately challenging terrains. International brands, on the other hand, often offer higher motor power, catering to users seeking high-performance scooters for more demanding conditions.

Features and Innovations: Chinese manufacturers are increasingly focusing on integrating smart technologies into their scooters, like GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. International brands tend to offer more advanced features, including customizable ride settings, superior suspension systems, and enhanced safety features like better lighting and braking systems.

Cost Considerations: The cost-effectiveness of Chinese electric scooters makes them a popular choice for those seeking value for money. International brands, with their higher price tags, cater to a segment looking for premium quality and cutting-edge features.

Key Differences in Quality, Performance, and Features

Consumer Guidance: Choosing the Right Electric Scooter

Selecting the ideal electric scooter requires careful consideration of various factors including use cases, budget, and brand preferences. This guidance aims to assist consumers in making informed decisions that align with their specific needs and preferences.

Considerations for Different Use Cases

Urban Commuting: For daily commutes in urban settings, prioritize scooters with a motor power around 250 to 350 watts, ensuring enough speed to navigate city traffic while maintaining efficiency. A foldable design enhances portability, especially for users who combine scooter travel with public transportation.

Long-Distance Travel: If covering longer distances is a priority, opt for a scooter with a higher battery capacity, at least 15Ah, to ensure a range of 30 miles or more per charge. A comfortable deck and robust suspension system will also improve the riding experience on longer journeys.

Off-Road Adventures: For off-road use, look for electric scooters with a motor power of at least 500 watts, providing the necessary torque for rough terrains. Large, air-filled tires and advanced suspension systems are crucial for navigating uneven surfaces safely.

Budget Considerations

Economy Options: For budget-conscious buyers, several models offer a balance between cost and functionality, with prices typically ranging from $300 to $600. In this range, scooters usually feature moderate motor power and basic features suitable for short, urban commutes.

Mid-Range Choices: Mid-range scooters, priced between $600 and $1,000, provide enhanced features such as longer battery life, higher motor power, and additional comfort features like better suspension.

Premium Selections: High-end electric scooters, costing above $1,000, boast superior build quality, high motor power, extended range, and cutting-edge features like advanced braking systems, superior suspension, and smart connectivity options.

Brand and Model Recommendations

For Urban Commuting: The Xiaomi M365, known for its lightweight design and reliability, is an excellent choice for city riders. It offers a mix of efficiency, portability, and affordability.

For Long-Distance Travel: Consider the Segway Ninebot MAX, which stands out for its impressive battery life and comfortable ride, making it ideal for longer commutes.

For Off-Road Adventures: The Dualtron Thunder is a top recommendation for off-road enthusiasts. Its powerful motor, superior suspension, and rugged tires make it well-suited for challenging terrains.

Brand and Model Recommendations

Ideal Candidates for Electric Scooters

Types of People Suited for Electric Scooters

  • Urban Commuters: Individuals who commute short distances in city environments. Electric scooters offer a quick and efficient way to navigate through traffic and are ideal for distances that are too far to walk but too short to drive.
  • College Students: Students on large campuses benefit from the portability and ease of parking that electric scooters provide, making it simpler to get from one class to another.
  • Eco-Conscious Individuals: Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint find electric scooters appealing due to their low environmental impact compared to cars and motorcycles.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: People who enjoy modern gadgets and technology appreciate the advanced features some electric scooters offer, such as Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration.
  • Last-Mile Commuters: Individuals who use public transportation for the bulk of their commute but need a convenient option for the beginning and end segments of their journey.
  • Tourists in Urban Areas: Visitors in cities can use electric scooters as a fun and flexible way to explore new areas, covering more ground than walking without the restrictions of a car.
  • Busy Professionals: For professionals whose work involves quick intra-city travel, electric scooters provide a time-efficient method to move between meetings or errands.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Those who are conscious about physical activity can use electric scooters for a low-impact commute, combining convenience with a form of outdoor activity.
  • Elderly or Mobility-Impaired Individuals: Electric scooters that are designed for stability and ease of use can be a great aid for older adults or those with limited mobility, offering them independence in their daily activities.
  • Budget-Savvy Commuters: People looking to save on commuting costs find electric scooters a cost-effective option. With minimal maintenance and no fuel expenses, they are a budget-friendly alternative to cars and public transport.

How do these top manufacturers ensure the quality of their electric scooters?

They typically invest in quality materials, rigorous testing protocols, and continuous product development to ensure high standards.

What factors contribute to a manufacturer being among the top 11 in the electric scooter industry?

Key factors include production volume, global market reach, innovation in technology, customer reviews, brand reputation, and financial stability.

Are the electric scooters from these top manufacturers more expensive than others?

While they might be more expensive due to brand reputation and quality, they also offer models at various price points to cater to different budgets.

Do these manufacturers offer electric scooters for both personal and commercial use?

Yes, many top manufacturers produce a range of scooters suitable for personal leisure, urban commuting, and commercial applications like rentals.

What technological innovations do these manufacturers commonly integrate into their electric scooters?

Innovations include advanced battery technology, GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, regenerative braking, and smart app integration.

How do these manufacturers address safety concerns in their electric scooter designs?

Safety features often include durable construction, efficient braking systems, lighting for visibility, and sometimes even advanced stability control.

Are the electric scooters from these top manufacturers environmentally friendly?

Yes, these scooters are generally eco-friendly, offering a green alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles by reducing carbon emissions.

Can customers expect good after-sales support from these top electric scooter manufacturers?

Top manufacturers typically provide strong after-sales support, including comprehensive warranties, responsive customer service, and readily available spare parts.

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