Cloud Chain World Finance LTD 2023 Internet Finance Forum

Amid the bustling heart of London, Cloud Chain World Finance LTD unveiled the future of Internet finance at their landmark 2023 Forum.


Cloud Chain World Finance LTD’s ambition to lead in Internet finance was vividly displayed in London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall. This monumental event drew experts from various sectors, illuminating the future trajectory of Internet finance.

Event’s Significance

  • Purpose and Aim: The conference, a first of its kind in Europe by the company, sought to highlight its pioneering endeavors in Internet finance. It also provided an invaluable platform for global financial stalwarts to converse and collaborate.
    • Internet Finance: Its Core & Implications: This theme delved deep into subjects like blockchain, digital currencies, AI, big data, and cloud computing, all of which are redefining the contours of the financial landscape.

Keynote Highlights

  • Ollie Smith’s Vision: As the CEO of Cloud Chain World Finance LTD, Ollie Smith detailed the transformative potential of Internet finance on a global scale.
  • Charles Taylor’s Expertise: The renowned financial expert elaborated on the nuances of navigating the challenges and opportunities within Internet finance.
  • Christine Lagarde’s Global Perspective: The IMF’s Managing Director shed light on the far-reaching implications of Internet finance, both economically and socially.

In-Depth Sub-Forums

  • Blockchain & Digital Currency: Explored the advancements and challenges of this revolutionary technology.
  • Smart Contracts & Legal Services: An intersection of technology and legal frameworks.
  • AI & Risk Management: Discussed the synergy between Artificial Intelligence and effective risk mitigation.
  • Big Data & Credit Assessment: A foray into how big data is redefining credit evaluations.

Each session was helmed by eminent personalities, offering attendees a mix of expert insights and practical experiences.

Exhibition Insights

A dedicated space showcased Cloud Chain World Finance LTD’s cutting-edge products. Key attractions included:

  • Blockchain Technology Platform: A demonstration of the company’s proprietary blockchain solution.
  • Smart Contract Editor: Tools to craft efficient and secure contracts.
  • AI Risk Control System: Harnessing the power of AI to predict and mitigate risks.
  • Interactive Zone: Attendees were immersed in an interactive experience, aiding Cloud Chain World Finance LTD’s charity ventures through QR code scans and app downloads, all directed at aiding underprivileged children in Africa.

Looking Ahead

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD envisions the 2023 Finance Forum as the onset of a series of global engagements.

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