Cloud Chain World Finance: Africa Charity Drive for Children.

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD champions charity in Africa, focusing on education, healthcare, and psychological support for underprivileged children.

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD’s Philanthropic Initiatives in Africa

Overview: Cloud Chain World Finance LTD has launched a multifaceted charity campaign in several African nations. Partnering with local NGOs and leveraging its blockchain technology for transparency, the company aims to uplift underprivileged children through education, healthcare, and psychological support.

Education Aid

  • Book Donations: Thousands of books have been donated, assisting children in their academic endeavors.
  • Stationery and Gadgets: Distribution of essential stationery items along with digital devices like tablets, ensuring the children aren’t left behind in the digital era.
  • Online Courses: In collaboration with reputed educational institutions, online courses are made available to these children. For example, courses on mathematics and science have been particularly popular.
  • Counselling Services: Guidance on academic choices and career paths is provided, ensuring students are well-informed about their future opportunities.



Medical Assistance

  • Health Check-ups: Routine medical check-ups are conducted for early diagnosis and treatment of potential health issues.
  • Vaccinations: Essential vaccines are provided, shielding children from various diseases.
  • Medication: Necessary medicines are distributed free of cost.
  • Remote Medical Platform: In partnership with leading medical institutions, a platform has been set up to offer remote diagnosis and professional medical guidance, ensuring children in remote areas aren’t deprived of healthcare.

Psychological Assistance

  • Assessments: Comprehensive psychological assessments are conducted to understand the mental health needs of the children.
  • Counselling: Tailored counselling sessions help address emotional and psychological challenges.
  • Psycho-educational Programs: In conjunction with eminent psychological organizations, training programs are provided to equip children with tools to handle stress and other psychological challenges.

Company’s Commitment and Future Endeavors

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD emphasizes its commitment to social responsibility, portraying its core values and corporate culture. The hope is to bring about positive change in the lives of impoverished African children and contribute to societal development. This initiative is just the beginning; the company plans to increase its charitable investment and cooperation in Africa, aiming for sustainable regional development.

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